Alice Echeta is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Most of her healthcare career has been in mental health. She loves and has a passion for mentally ill individuals because of how they are viewed in society. They are the minority and underserved. She is a mental health advocate and understands that an individual with a mental illness requires as much help and attention as someone diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension. She has various experiences under her, having worked as a Nurses’ Assistant, Licensed Psychiatric Technician, and Registered Nurse. She worked as a FNP from 2007 to 2016. She has experience as a hospice NP, wound care NP, and primary care NP, but her passion is mental health, which she has been doing since 2016. Alice obtained both her BSN and MSN degrees from the University of Phoenix and her Doctorate degree from the University of Massachusetts, formerly Brandman University, in 2016, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health across the lifespan. She is currently licensed to practice in California. She is determined to provide the utmost, compassionate, and empathetic mental health care because mental health matters.

“My ethics are manifested by the way I live my daily life, the way I perform my daily tasks, and the way interact with my fellow human beings. Focusing on the dynamics of relationships through a new understanding of the interconnection between others and myself, condemn hurt and exploitation of the mentally ill, and take responsibility for choices that I make. I apply the ethical principle of justice and respect for others. People should be treated fairly and equally, acknowledging the right of all individuals to make decisions and to live according to their decisions. The respect for others transcends cultural differences, gender issues, religious differences, and racial concerns. My purpose is to help eliminate the stigma and barriers to mental healthcare and provide the utmost highest quality and compassionate care.”